Drone pictures of the solar panel installation on hte Maynard High School Room and parking area were recently taken in late April 2024.

MHS Rooftop Solar Installation

MHS rooftop and parking area solar installation

On April28, 2022, a “reimagined” solar photovoltaic project was presented to the School Committee for consideration and support for rooftop and carport solar arrays at the Maynard High School. Solect Energy, under the Power Options Program, will design, build, own, operate and maintain the solar arrays. The solar generation will be delivered directly behind the High School’s Eversource electric meter and all financial benefits from the project will accrue directly to the High School in two ways:

Solar electricity directly used by the High School will reduce the High School’s purchase of traditional electricity from the “grid”. Therefore, the High School will purchase less electricity from the “grid”. Avoided cost savings results from the purchase of less supply and avoided delivery charges. Any excess solar electricity will be delivered to Eversource, and Eversource will apply a financial credit on the High School electricity bill.

Maynard High School with solar panels