It is the policy of the Maynard Public Schools to obtain all available Federal and State background information through both SAFIS (Statewide Applicant Fingerprint Identification Services) and CORI (Criminal Offender Record Information), as allowed by law, of all employees and prospective employees of the school department including any individual who regularly provides school related transportation (including van drivers) to children. This also includes substitute teachers, intern or student teacher, or individuals in similar positions. Any fees associated with such background checks shall be the responsibility of the individual.

In addition to those stated above, all volunteers, outside contractors, or anyone else who may have direct and unmonitored contact with children must complete only a CORI background check prior to said work or student contact.


Who needs to be fingerprinted?
ALL Maynard School District employees (teachers, custodians, secretaries, substitutes, etc) and bus/van drivers. This is a condition of employment.

How do I get fingerprinted?
Fingerprinting is done through IndentoGo who has many locations across the state.

Use the link below to register online and make your appointment. This appointment will only take about 10 minutes.

You will be required to provide Maynard Public Schools Provider ID #: 01740000

It is important that you send the receipt you receive at your fingerprinting appointment to Colleen Andrade in the Superintendent’s office, 3R Tiger Drive, or email to Without this receipt, we may be unable to track your results if needed, which may lead to paying for another fingerprinting appointment.

How long is fingerprinting good for?
Fingerprinting only needs to be done once if you remain in the same school district where you were fingerprinted. If you were fingerprinted for a different school district, your fingerprinting expires 7 years from the date it was completed. If your fingerprinting is within 7 years, please contact the district that you were fingerprinted for and ask them for a "Suitability Determination" to be sent to the Maynard Superintendent's Office, or

Is there a cost?
Yes. $55 for licensed teaching staff and licensed substitutes, or $35 for all other non-DESE licensed employees. These fees are the responsibility of the individual and can not be reimbursed by the Maynard Public Schools.


Who needs a CORI?
All Maynard School District employees, volunteers, bus/van drivers, outside contractors, or anyone who may have direct and unmonitored contact with children.

What if I did a CORI for another organization?
CORI's are only valid for the organization you submit them to. If you have been CORI'd by another organization or school system, you will still need to submit one to Maynard Public Schools through any of our school's offices.

How do I complete a CORI?
Forms are available in each Schools’ Office and in the Administrative Offices. Forms must be completely filled out, signed and accompanied by a copy of a government photo ID, such as a driver’s license or a passport.

How long is a CORI good for?
A new CORI will be required every 3 years for school employees, and every year for volunteers. A current CORI is required in order to work or volunteer within the Maynard Public Schools.

Is there a cost?
No, Maynard Public Schools does not charge a fee to complete a CORI.

*SAFIS and CORI forms are processed and kept in the Maynard School District's Administrative Offices.

Please see the documents and policies in the left column for more information.