The Maynard Public Schools has a long history of supporting students and families from diverse backgrounds. We are committed to ensuring that students who are not proficient in English gain the mastery necessary to be successful in an academic environment while meeting state and federal program requirements. We are dedicated to providing quality programming for Multilingual Learners/English Learners that consists of subject matter instruction and English language instruction.


Massachusetts seal of biliteracy

The Massachusetts Seal of Biliteracy is a special award given to high school graduates who can speak and understand English and another language well. It's meant to show that these students are good at using more than one language. To get this award in Massachusetts, students need to meet certain requirements set by the Department of Education.

This award is not just about speaking different languages—it's also about celebrating diversity and encouraging students to learn more about other cultures. By earning the Massachusetts Seal of Biliteracy, students can open up more opportunities for themselves in school and work.

Maynard Public Schools is one of only 36 schools/districts that awarded the SOBL to more than 10% of our graduates in 2023.

list of districts with more than 10% seal of biliteracy